DeconTect provides high efficacy decontamination products that can decontaminate chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), toxic industrial materials (TIMs), as well as biological and radiological agents from personnel, personal protective equipment (PPE), sensitive equipment, and critical infrastructure. DeconTect provides an array of dry decon products that integrate together to provide comprehensive decontamination and an alternative for cold weather decon.

When and Where can DeconTect Be Used?

  • Immediate Decon – Effectively decontaminate weapons and sensitive equipment with FiberTect, a dry activated carbon decontamination wipe. FiberTect immediately and easily absorbs and adsorbs chemical warfare agents as well as toxic industrial chemicals and materials (TICs and TIMs)
  • Tactical Decon – Neutralize chemical and biological agents instantly with Dahlgren Decon. This three-part solution is easily mixed onsite and is effective immediately on a variety of surfaces. Protect infrastructure with a decontaminant that is fast acting and non-corrosive.
  • Operational Decon – Maximize operational time with quick decontamination of personal protection equipment(PPE) using FiberTect and Dahlgren Decon together. Execute effective bulk decontamination with FiberTect mitts and wipes, then neutralize and kill any remaining contaminants by using Dahlgren Decon.
  • Cold Weather Decon – When cold temperatures present more danger to the victim than the actual contaminant, it’s critical to find a cold weather decon alternative. FiberTect and Dahlgren Decon require little to no additional water and can be implemented quickly to neutralize and remove contaminants without the use of traditional decon lines and showers.

Who is DeconTect for?

  • Hazmat – DeconTect provides a range of hybrid and dry decon products designed to work together to enhance existing decon strategies with decontaminants that are faster, safer, and more reliable than other products on the market.
  • Military – When decontamination is required out in the field, Dahlgren Decon can be used as an immediate, non-corrosive, and sprayer-agnostic dry decon. This three-part PES-Solid solution mixes with any available water source (fresh, salt, or brackish) and is ready immediately after mixing to quickly decon PPE, equipment, vehicles, and critical infrastructure. Neutralize bio and HD in less than two minutes, GD in less than five minutes, and attain 95% neutralization of VX in less than fifteen minutes.
  • First Responders & Receivers – Immediately decontaminate patients to prevent secondary contamination of emergency transport vehicles and hospitals with FastGrab, a quick response bag with FiberTect, RSDL, and DeconGel. FastGrab saves critical time, as there is no need to set up decontamination tents or equipment, and existing operations can continue without interruption.
  • Firefighters – First Responder Dahlgren Decon is a non-corrosive and pH neutral decon that can immediately decontaminate and clean turnout gear and apparatus without having to take them out of service for a long period.


Mike Corle

Product Manager -
Federal & Military


Brian Keyeck

Product Manager - State & Local