When disaster strikes, first responders, and emergency personnel need tools that facilitate fast and effective response. AmbuResponse provides solutions to evacuate, transport and care for non-ambulatory patients with products like the AmbuBus, AmbuCarrier and AmbuRamp.

What is AmbuResponse?

AmbuResponse products are all designed to work systematically to expedite patient care and transport, while still maintaining a high-level of care. There is unlimited potential with AmbuResponse products – whether victims need to be evacuated out of the woods with the AmbuCarrier and AmbuStretcher or a hurricane requires a mass evacuation, AmbuResponse can expedite emergency services.

Who uses AmbuResponse?

  • Paramedics – AmbuResponse products give paramedics and first responders the opportunity to aid victims faster with an increased capacity. AmbuPower, AmbuLights, GoTo Medical Bag, MCOS, MCI Blocks, and all the other AmbuResponse products work together to create a self-contained care unit within your mass casualty response system.
  • First Responders – First responders are focused on aiding those in an emergency, but who is there to care for them? AmbuResponse products, like the AmbuBus, make for a great rehabilitation unit for firefighters, EMS teams, HazMat units, and law enforcement during short and long-term incidents.

How Does the AmbuBus Kit work?

The AmbuBus Kit is an effective and efficient solution for mass evacuation and transport of special needs patients, casualties, and others who require non-ambulatory transport. AmbuBus Kits are adjustable to fit most vehicles and no power tools are required for installation. It’s as easy as two people, two hours – two people can install the AmbuBus Kit in a vehicle of opportunity in an average of two hours.

What is the AmbuRamp?

The AmbuRamp is an easily deployable system for carrying patients into and out of an AmbuBus enabled transport vehicle. The adjustable length and load bearing plate allows instant integration with most vehicles. AmbuRamp can also be used on stairs and elevated platforms in emergency and evacuation situations.

What is the AmbuCarrier?

The AmbuCarrier is a wheeled patient transport device designed to work with the AmbuStretcher to transport patients with a single operator. Wheel variations allow for the AmbuCarrier to be used on various terrains, such as sand and gravel. It is compatible with the AmbuBus Kit and AmbuRamp.


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Product Manager

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