Before, during and after a disaster, emergency personnel need a partner who understands their needs and equipment requirements. First Line can help prepare for and respond to both man-made and natural disasters with Out of the Box Solutions like the AmbuBus, AmbuRamp, AmbuCarrier, and AmbuStretcher.

The AmbuBus is an effective and efficient solution for mass evacuation and transport of special needs patients, casualties, and others who require non-ambulatory transport.


Prevent and control heat stress with First Line’s revolutionary heat-activated Personal Cooling Products. Designed to be comfortable and lightweight, PhaseCore allows users to increase productivity while reducing heat injuries by gently and safely cooling the body.

Heat stress aggravates the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis in up to 80% of MS patients. While the treatment of heat stress is nowhere close to a cure for MS, managing heat stress and heat-related symptoms can provide a gateway to the management of the disease and a doorway into the every day activities MS patients are eager to enjoy. PhaseCore heat activated cooling vests do just that.


MedNex provides medical response equipment that aids in medical triage before and during mass casualty transportation. Enhance EMS and first responder care with tools and technology that increase the quality of attention and medical support provided prior to reaching a medical facility. MedNex products work seamlessly with the AmbuResponse products to provide top quality care during a mass casualty incident.


Effectively decontaminate chemical and biological warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), toxic industrial materials (TIMs), and radioactive materials from personal protective equipment (PPE), personnel, equipment, and critical infrastructure. DeconTect provides an array of wet, dry, and hybrid products that integrate together to provide comprehensive decontamination.