Heat activated PhaseCore cooling products absorb body heat and provide a long-lasting cooling effect that will not overcool the body. The gentle and systematic cooling effect of PhaseCore cooling products will help to increase productivity while reducing heat-related illness, stress, injuries. Designed to be comfortable and lightweight, PhaseCore prepares you to handle any task on hand.

Easy to Use. Light Weight. Comfortable.

First Line’s PhaseCore personal cooling vests respond to your body temperature and emit a gentle cooling sensation. The lightweight design makes it a versatile cooling vest that is easy to wear under clothing and gear.

Recharge at Room Temperature. No Need for Refrigeration.

PhaseCore elements can be easily recharged for multiple uses. Elements recharge at temperatures below their activation point of 82° F(28°C). While refrigeration is not required, it will expedite the recharge period. See table below for more information.

Multiple Design Options.

Standard Cooling Vests have an over the shoulder design that are flexible and ease to move in.

SWEDE Cooling Vests provide full body coverage and are effective for hours making it ideal for Fire Fighters and Hazmat teams.

XPC Cooling Vests are both flexible and give full body coverage. These are adjustable to the user’s body type and are the best solution to reduce and combat heat stress.

Safer than Ice Vests.

Unlike ice or gel, PhaseCore does not over-cool or shock the body. Over-cooling the body restricts a person’s blood flow, making the body work harder to regulate body temperature.

Looking for a cooling vest for MS? Check out PhaseCore for MS for cooling solutions!

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Where is PhaseCore?

PhaseCore Users

Fire Fighters. Military Personnel. Law Enforcement.

PhaseCore elements are non-toxic and non-flammable which make it an ideal choice for Fire Fighters and Military Personnel. Our technology focuses on managing body temperature in extreme situations in order to reduce heat stress and fatigue so you can complete your mission effectively. PhaseCore cooling vest made from CarbonX material are flame retardant, making them a great solution when flammability protection is required.

HazMat Teams. Work Zones.

PhaseCore offers sophisticated cooling products that can be worn under protective HazMat suits to reduce heat exhaustion and increase effectiveness. With a variety of styles, there’s a PhaseCore cooling vest that will fit comfortably under your personal protective equipment (PPE).

Multiple Sclerosis Cooling Vests.

PhaseCore understands that individuals with Multiple Sclerosis can have exacerbated symptoms when temperatures get too warm. With up to 4 hours of gentle cooling, individuals with MS can continue with everyday activities without interruption from heat related symptoms*

Sports. Outdoors. Everyday.

PhaseCore products can help keep you cool and comfortable through your day. From active sports to a motorcycle ride, a stroll in park with your dog or hiking, our cooling vests will allow you to enjoy your day by keeping you cooler longer.

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Steve Pazan

Steve Pazan

National Sales Manager

Phone: 703-955-7510

*Disclaimer: Are you using a PhaseCore cooling vest with a medical condition? Please note, First Line Technology does not provide medical advice or professional medical services. The information provided in our promotional materials and on our website are exclusively focused towards providing a comfort solution for the end users. This information should not be used for diagnosis or treatment for a health problem, disease, and/or medical condition. Please have a conversation with your physician about cooling vests.