What's Your Mission?

At First Line Technology, our mission is to prepare for, protect against,
respond to, and recover from all hazards with lab to life-saving
technologies. Check out our recommendations for your mission.

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Raise the BAR on your decon

Effectively conduct Hybrid Decon using the BAR Method - Blot, Apply,
and Remove threats with the power of Dahlgren Decon and FiberTect
Choose one of our kits to fit your team's needs.

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Introducing the AmbuBus QRT

The AmbuBus QRT is scaled down from the original AmbuBus
Conversion Kit to conveniently transport up to six individuals within
any standard size cargo van.

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Quick Response Transport

Train with real-world
scenarios in mind.

Did you know nearly all of our decontamination solutions are available
without their active ingredients? This means you and your team are able
to train with inert tools to avoid wasting what's in your cache.

See Our Recommendations for Training Operations

You've Got Grant Options.

Grant options are available for virtually any department in the public
safety and response sectors. Contact us today to be connected with
our Grant Specialist.

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Raise the BAR on your
decon operations.

Learn MoreShop Decon Kits

Introducing the
AmbuBus QRT

Learn MoreSee Use Cases

Quick Response Transport

Train with real-world
scenarios in mind.

See Our Recommendations
for Training Operations

You've Got Grant

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Decon Kits

Decon Kits

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Including the Hurricane ES Electrostatic Fogger, Victory MG200 and MG300, the DeconKeg, and more.



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Immersion Cooling Equipment System

Immersion Cooling

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Preventing heat stress is better than treating heat stress. Shop the ICE System now.

AmbuBus + QRT

AmbuBus + QRT

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Including accessories like the AmbuCarrier, AmbuRamp, BabyPod20, WVSM, and more.

Upcoming Training



November 17 – November 18, 2021,  8:00a – 5:00p EST, Chantilly, VA

This course blends classroom instruction with hands-on learning and practical exercises, including demonstrations with a variety of potential chemical threats and simulants.
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Your Mission

Click on the + below to open our recommendations specific to your mission. 


For Opioid Response, we recommend…

Synthetic Opioid Safety (SOS) Kit

Opioid Detection Kit (ODK)

Dahlgren Decon


Training Operations
Pediatric Transport

For Pediatric Transport, we recommend…




What’s New

ConnectNext: The Grant Funding Assistance Strategy

Aired July 14, 2021

Not quite sure how you’ll fund your next disaster response or emergency preparedness project? There are grants available to fit your needs.

ConnectNext: Detection and Decon with Proengin

Aired  June 7, 2021

Visually “clean” doesn’t always mean there isn’t a threat present. Join First Line Technology Training Specialist Corey Collings alongside Dr. Scott Hartley, CEO of Proengin USA, as they review the importance of air monitoring and how Proengin’s AP4C can verify proper decontamination.

ConnectNext: Effects of the ICE System on Performance with KSI

Aired April 20, 2021

Whether its a house fire, a 90°F day on the field, or you’re stuck in a hazmat suit, heat stress can affect the performance of any individual.

What' on Your P.L.A.T.E.?

Blog: What’s on your P.L.A.T.E.?

Published March 23, 2021

Imagine this, you’ve received a call and responding to a situation where workers at an industrial site have been exposed to an unknown liquid. You know that decontamination is a must but what’s next?

AmbuBus Tactical Hat | $15.00

DeconTect Short Sleeve | $25.00 USD

DeconTect Tactical Hat | $15.00

AmbuBus Short Sleeve | $25.00