Jason Croson

Product Manager

Phone: 703-955-7510
Email: jcroson@FirstLineTech.com

MedNex provides medical response equipment that aids in medical triage before and during mass casualty transportation. Enhance EMS and first responder care with tools and technology that increase the quality of attention and medical support provided prior to reaching a medical facility. MedNex products work seamlessly with the AmbuResponse products to provide top quality care during a mass casualty incident.



What is MedNex?
Timely attention and transportation is essential in emergency situations. MedNex products allow first responders and EMS teams to provide the highest level of care on the scene and in transit to a medical facility with use of items like the Wireless Vital Signs Monitor (WVSM), S-Cut cutout tool, and BabyPod infant transport device.

Who are MedNex Products For?
MedNex products are engineered for use by all kinds of medical and rescue personnel. Therefore, products are mobile, intuitive, and work well with today’s wireless technology. Most importantly, MedNex products are safe for the patients that are being tended to by first responders.

What is the S-Cut Used For?
Products like the S-Cut not only work well as a patient cut-out tool but also work for firefighters, hazmat, and military professionals. Quickly cut out of personal protective equipment and turnout gear without the fatigue of regular cutting shears. The S-Cut cuts through thick materials, including combat gear and biker leather, to minimize secondary contamination of hazardous materials or carcinogens from ash.

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