Dahlgren Surface Clean, or DSC, is ideal for any post-fire decon situation. DSC is made up of concentrated Dahlgren Decon Part A. Use DSC in any environment as a highly effective soap to remove most contaminants. Dahlgren Surface clean surpasses NFPA 1851 standards for laundering fire gear.


  • LOW VOLUME. Use as little as 1.7 oz in a 65lb extractor to meet NFPA 1851 standards. Dilute up to 10x for contaminant removal.
  • NEUTRAL pH. pH neutral (7.4 pH) detergent will not damage turnout gear or other equipment.
  • MATERIAL COMPATIBLE. Will not damage fire resistant materials.
  • MILITARY DESIGNED. Developed by the United States Navy.
  • EFFECTIVE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT. Can be used and stored at -40°F – 160°F. 10 year shelf life.
  • RAPID DEPLOYMENT. Store in sprayers like the DeconKeg.


As part of the Dial-A-Decon methodology Dahlgren Decon was built on, Dahlgren Surface Clean is simply concentrated Part A. The surfactant is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and safe for contact with skin. Use DSC as a NFPA laundry soap or for physical removal of contaminants.