Heat-activated PhaseCore XPC Cooling Vests absorb body heat and provide a long-lasting cooling effect that will not overcool the body. The gentle and systematic cooling effect will help to increase productivity while reducing heat-related illness, stress, and injuries. Designed to be comfortable and lightweight, PhaseCore XPC Cooling Vests prepare you to handle any task.

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US MILITARY CUSTOMERS: Please note PhaseCore Import Cooling Vests are NOT US Berry Compliant under the Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C. 2533a). For more information on Berry Compliance, click here.


  • PhaseCore salt-based elements activate at 82.4°F (28°C) as soon as you put the vest on
  • Vests are machine washable
  • Store and recharge without ice, water, or refrigeration
  • Recharge cooling elements over 1,000 times
  • Does not require batteries


  • Military
  • Fire/HazMat
  • Construction Sites
  • Heat-effected Health Conditions


XPC Material3D Air Mesh Outer Shell / Polyester Mesh Inner Shell
XPC Weight 5.0 lbs (including elements)
Available ColorsBlack / White
Available SizesOne Size Fits Most. (Up to chest sizes 50″)

Please note that purchase of an XPC Cooling Vest includes Small and Large Extender Sets. Extender Sets allow the XPC Cooling Vest to reach up to a 3XL

Available variationsImport / USA Berry

(USA Berry Compliant vests are offered to accommodate the US Military and other organizations requiring compliance. Most customers should choose import.)



PhaseCore Cooling Elements are body-heat activated when skin temperature becomes warmer than 82°F. As the elements absorb heat from the body, they provide a gradual 72°F cooling effect that can last up to four hours (depending on body type, level of activity, and working environment). PhaseCore Cooling Elements do not over cool the body, nor will they prevent sweating or cause shivering.

Yes! Placing a layer of clothing over the vest helps insulate from the surrounding air, keeping more of the cold inside to cool your body.

If storing your PhaseCore Cooling Vest with your Cooling Elements, store in a cool, dry place. Do NOT store vests with elements in temperatures above 135°F, like a hot car. If elements are stored in temperatures above the activation point (82°F), the high heat will reduce the number of times the Elements can be recharged and they will require recharge before use.

Yes! PhaseCore Cooling Vests have been known to help individuals with Multiple Sclerosis return to daily activity with little risk of over-heating. PhaseCore Cooling Vests have been featured by organizations like ActiveMSers.org and MSWorld.org. Take a look at what some of our MS customers have had to say:

“I was diagnosed with MS in 2013 and heat/humidity is a particular challenge for me. My vest has literally made the difference between time outside during the summer and being trapped in my home. My vest allows me to participate in life once the weather gets hot”

Whitney S.

Indianapolis, Indiana.

PhaseCore Vest Comparison


Every year, hundreds of workers, soldiers, responders, athletes, and other individuals suffer heat-related illnesses while active in periods of high temperatures. Virtually all these incidents could be prevented with proper training and equipment.

Most consumer grade cooling vests use water packs or gel packs which melt quickly and are heavy to wear. They can restrict your movements which is not good when your safety and the lives of others may depend on your ability to move.

PhaseCore Cooling Vests will not over cool the body and eliminate risk of cold shock.




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