Increase Mass Casualty Response Capabilities with Limited Funds

Increase Mass Casualty Response Capabilities with Limited Funds

How Gloucester County is Preparing Their Residents and New Jersey

With the uncertainty of mass casualty incidents, it’s incredibly helpful to have a vehicle with the capacity to transport several non-ambulatory patients and first responders at one time. Free up valuable ambulance capacity while reducing response time with the AmbuBus. The AmbuBus Kit is specially designed to retrofit any vehicle of opportunity, such as metro and school buses. See how Gloucester County EMS used an old school bus to build out their AmbuBus in a matter of two hours.

How Do You Prepare for the Next Disaster?

Gloucester County strives to prepare for natural and man-made disasters by developing their tools and capacity to respond. The bottom line, however, is doing so while staying within a budget and being a responsible custodian of the tax payers’ dollar in every purchasing decision they make. After Hurricane Sandy, it was apparent that transportation and evacuation needed to be top of mind for any future events. While they weren’t gravely affected, surrounding counties were and Gloucester was there to help during a time of significant need. Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management then began to discuss acquiring a medical ambulance bus but found that a completely built-out vehicle wasn’t in the county’s best fiscal interest.

The Mass Casualty Transport and Evacuation Tool That Won’t Break the Budget

With some research and planning, Gloucester County made the decision to purchase an AmbuBus Kit and build their own medical ambulance bus. The AmbuBus Kit fits into any vehicle of opportunity, like a school or metro bus, and can transport up to twelve patients and two to three responders. These AmbuBus kits are ideal for responding to mass casualty incidents where patients with non-life-threatening injuries need medical attention or evacuating facilities with non-ambulatory patients, such as hospitals and retirement communities.


A pre-owned vehicle, like a school bus, can easily be converted to an AmbuBus.

As opposed to $500,000 for a completely built-out medical ambulance bus, an AmbuBus Kit and vehicle of opportunity can cost up to 80% less. Not only are AmbuBus Kits more affordable, they increase the capacity of an emergency response fleet and provide a variety of uses.

Being a Responsible Custodian of the Tax Payers’ Dollar

Finding a half million dollars in any budget to spend on one item can be a daunting task. Never mind if you have to turn to grants, as well. Selecting the affordable AmbuBus Kit not only means saving money on the actual system, but that it can be placed in nearly any vehicle of opportunity. Pre-owned school buses and metro buses are ideal, as the seats can be removed and the pressure-mounted system can be installed. Want to keep the vehicle in rotation? Save the seats and the AmbuBus crate for when it is time to make the switch. The installed kit does not alter the integrity of the vehicle so it’s safe to put back in rotation without extensive re-inspection.

The AmbuBus Kit requires minimal maintenance and is made from structural steel that is powder coated to allow for long-term use, therefore, it will likely outlive the vehicle in which it’s installed. When the time comes to replace the vehicle, the AmbuBus Kit is easily uninstalled and reinstalled by any two individuals in a matter of a few hours.

Capacity to Respond to Nearly Any Event

Not only will adding another emergency vehicle to the fleet increase capacity, the AmbuBus Kit will free up valuable ambulances for patients in critical condition. Whether there’s a multi-vehicle accident, fire at a senior-living facility, or a damaging tornado, having an AmbuBus to quickly transport a large quantity of patients will reduce the time it takes for each of them to receive medical attention, which is crucial when minutes matter.

To further expand the AmbuBus Kit’s capabilities, there is an entire line of AmbuResponse accessories. Whether it’s necessary to quickly move patients in and out of the vehicle or monitor their condition, there are several items to improve the level of care given to patients. The AmbuRamp and AmbuCarrier allow for easy movement of a patient by one responder. Monitor a patient’s vitals with the Wireless Vital Signs Monitor or provide oxygen with the MCOS 9. You can customize your AmbuBus to suit your department’s needs.


The Mass Casualty Oxygen System (MCOS 9) Kit is a completely portable oxygen system that mounts to the AmbuBus frame and enables delivery of individually metered oxygen for us to nine people simultaneously.

Maximizing Value and Utilizing the Versatile AmbuBus Kit

By going with an AmbuBus Kit that can be used in three different configurations (permanent, on-demand, and free-standing) there are a variety of uses within any emergency management department, further increasing the value.
Utilize your built-out AmbuBus as both a means of transportation and rehabilitation. The AmbuBus can be a mobile rehabilitation unit for fire fighters and first responders. Utilize stretchers as a place to lay down or adjust them to provide bench seating. Depending on vehicle capabilities, a controlled interior climate can combat symptoms of temperature-related stress.

Evacuation can be half the battle but where do these individuals stay once they are in a safe location? New Jersey saw a surge in hotel prices making it difficult for all residents to afford a space to sleep at night. With the AmbuBus Kit, the frame and stretchers can be set up as a sleeping quarters for displaced residents.

Taking the Next Step to Prepare Your Community

The next devastating event could strike at any time with very little warning so it’s best to be prepared to serve the community. Like Gloucester County, adding an affordable AmbuBus Kit to your arsenal gives you a versatile tool to transport, evacuate, rehabilitate, and care for your team and county’s citizens beyond usual measures. To learn more about AmbuBus Kits and how they increase your response capabilities, contact First Line Technology at or 703-955-7510.