The (standard mesh) vest is fantastic! It’s now Wednesday night here and I’ve just played a solid hour of badminton without coming anywhere near wilting. I’ve sweated buckets, but I’m not having to deal with heat distress. I’ve been warned that January and February in particular here are horrendous, so I’m expecting that I’ll be using the vest for gardening, badminton, going for walks etc over the next few months. The vest dries extremely quickly. Both last night and tonight I’ve come home, taken the elements out and put them in the fridge to recharge, and hung the vest (without elements) on a hanger in front of a window… and it has dried out in no time. Even though it feels weighty to handle, when it’s on I’m completely unaware of the weight or the rigidity of the elements. It doesn’t interfere with movement at all. I’m really quite amazed at how comfortable it is.

A couple of guys I know who work outdoors and are struggling with the heat now they’re older (they’re in their 40s) are likely to be interested so I’ll let them know about the product.

Thanks so much for the advice and information you’ve provided.

kind regards,
Setha Lingam