Four Transport Incubators. 30 Patients in NICU.

How do you evacuate all the infants safely?

A recent fire at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Main Campus forced the temporary evacuation of about 200 people.

Fortunately, in this instance, no one was injured, and normal operations were soon restored. But the possibility of incidents like this keep many healthcare professionals up at night.

How would your facility handle the evacuation of many neonatal and infant patients with the available transport incubators and ambulances that are usually available? 

How would you decide which patients are transported in the incubators? What do you do with the remaining patients? 

How long would it take to transport thirty infant patients (and their mothers), in the ambulances that would be available? 

Now many regional healthcare coalitions are preparing for these types of situations with two emergency medical transport solutions.

The Baby Pod 20 is a lightweight infant transport device that can be strapped to a seat or stretcher that provides four layers of protection to an infant.  Built with the same materials and engineering as a Formula 1® racing car, it can withstand am accident with 20Gs of force in four directions. It can easily be carried by one person, is significantly less expensive and also requires less storage space than an incubator.

The AmbuBus Conversion Kit can be used to convert any available school or metro bus into a multi-patient transport vehicle that can accommodate between 12 and 24 patients on stretchers. By having one or more buses permanently equipped with the AmbuBus frames, you can safely transport large numbers of patients without depleting the pool of ambulances needed for those that are critically ill.

Together, they are a complete emergency neonatal and infant multiple patient transport solution.

The AmbuBus can also be used in a wide variety of other situations such as mass casualty transport, responder rehab, and victim sleeping quarters. The AmbuBus frames can also be set up free-standing for hospital surge or quarantine situations.

Both the AmbuBus and the Baby Pod 20 are available from First Line Technology.

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