Changes are coming!

January 11, 2022 | Chantilly, VA

In 2022, First Line Technology will officially celebrate 19 years of serving the first responder community. Since the inception of the business in 2003, our products and services have varied tremendously while one thing has remained consistent; the promise to continually improve our suite of solutions to better serve your mission. While our goals haven’t changed, you may start to notice a difference in our marketing over the coming months. As part of our brand refresh initiative, we will be introducing an updated logo as well as a newly introduced pictorial mark that will be used throughout First Line Technology communications.

In this debrief, we’ll dive into the meaning behind each individual icon representing our four main pillars of business (AmbuBus, PhaseCore, FLUA, and DeconTect) and why the imagery is important to the specific mission of each product line.

The AmbuBus product line, formerly known as AmbuResponse, has been a key component in First Line Technology’s overall mission to aid first responders since the start of business. While the medical cross icon remains intact as the product line emblem, we’ve found that while EMS professionals were familiar with the AmbuBus terminology, “AmbuResponse” was not resonating with end users the same way. While the name has been borrowed from the AmbuBus Kit (the system designed to retrofit vehicles like metro and school buses into multi-patient transport vehicles), the AmbuBus product line is now home to all patient-movement tools and accessories including the Baby Pod 20, VitalStream, and the newly introduced AmbuBus Quick Response Transport, or “QRT”. The AmbuBus and its accessories have grown into a scalable, flexible, and affordable solution for Emergency Medical Services world-wide.

As the snowflake suggests, the PhaseCore icon represents the line of heat stress management and personal cooling technologies that have been a staple within the company’s core offerings for well over a decade. While the product line started out solely offering Cooling Vests to both the average consumer as well as the first responder community, in recent years First Line Technology has also licensed the Immersion Cooling Equipment (ICE) System from the United States Army to add heat-stress prevention and response to the PhaseCore realm of solutions.

In the past, the orange Rod of Asclepius icon in First Line Technology’s logo represented MedNex, the line of medical triage equipment and pharmaceutical offerings. However, after close review, we found that all MedNex products could be associated with the AmbuBus product line of patient movement and medical triage solutions.

Introduced in 2019, First Line Technology’s Training Division exploded in 2020 as the world battled the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the introduction of flightLMS, our online training platform, the expansion of the First Line Utilization Academy (FLUA), and the build-out of training personnel, the training division has become an integral portion of the business and therefore deserves the proper recognition.

Now that Training has taken over MedNex’s place within First Line Technology’s logo, a new training icon has replaced the classic Rod of Asclepius. As the new icon suggests, the lightbulb imagery represents the knowledge an individual will gain and bring back to their team after attending a FLUA training. The icon evokes sparked knowledge and a team-work form of education our clients and customers identify with.

While the name “DeconTect” lives on to represent the decontamination product line, the classic icon no longer represents the full suite of decontamination solutions offered. Designed in 2015, the classic DeconTect icon originally represented the fibrous material that made up FiberTect, the core product at the time. Since then, First Line Technology has licensed Dahlgren Decon from the United States DoD. Together, Dahlgren Decon and FiberTect gave way to the technique behind Hybrid Decon and the BAR (Blot-Apply-Remove) Method that has changed the way operators conduct decontamination for the better. While Dahlgren Decon and FiberTect remain the core products offered under DeconTect, the new icon design considers the various kit configurations, accessories, tools such as electrostatic sprayers, and skin decon lotion that have become staples for many HazMat and Military Units around the world.

The hexagon-based icon represents the science and chemistry behind our decontamination solutions and pay homage to First Line Technology’s slogan, “Lab to Life-Saving”, as our core products have been evaluated extensively within laboratory environments and introduced to first responders as  the most effective and efficient solutions to the market.

When the four product lines come together, you have a truly unique set of solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs regardless of your agency, organization, or mission set. We ask for your patience and understanding while we phase out our now-retired branding and make these changes to our external communications whether they be on the website, a datasheet, or on branded swag.  First Line Technology is committed to help you in preparing for, protecting against, responding to, and recovering from all hazards with lab to life-saving technologies. Equip yourself and your team with the knowledge and tools to get home safe.

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