3 Reasons to Evaluate Training Annually

You haven’t stopped working, why should we? That’s the question we at First Line Technology asked ourselves when considering how to move forward and keep our community informed during the pandemic. Although much has changed in our world today, there are some things that have remained constant, if not heightened – including the need for first responders to stay on top of the latest and best training.

Some responders look at decon as a necessary evil; truth is we all know that without established procedures in place, contamination can cause a host of problems. Reviewing plans, training regularly, and modifying SOPs when necessary can help ensure everyone’s safety during and after an emergency.

While the coronavirus is the latest hot topic added to the list, problems with chemical threats such as Ammonia and Fentanyl still exist daily. This raises questions around knowledge and current processes and how to handle and respond rapidly, effectively, and with efficiency. Let’s review the top 3 reasons training should be evaluated at least once a year:

  1. Threats evolve. Whether it be Fentanyl, Novichok, or lithium batteries, advances in technology create new challenges for the HazMat responder. Has your training and technology kept up?
  2. Personnel changes. Promotions, transfers, and retirements. Is that knowledge being passed on or lost for good?
  3. Use it or Lose it. HazMat skills are perishable, but when the time comes to execute the stakes are high. When was the last time your team was hands on?

It is for these reasons coupled with the positive feedback received that we have decided to resume our highly requested Train-the-Trainer program! We understand and want to ensure our end users are fully equipped with Hybrid Decon methodologies.

Our program highlights the principles and operational application of Hybrid Decon. Participants can expect a full 8-hour hands-on training in addition to guided materials for future enablement.

Lastly, we are committed to our industry, employees, and local community, thus we will be following all COVID-19 guidelines to keep everyone safe. To learn more and/or participate, visit www.firstlinetech.com/flua, see our upcoming classes, and register today!