The Vest Just Works!

First off I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave when selecting the XPC vest for our trip to Delhi, the vest worked great for our trip. I wanted to make sure you heard feedback related to the XPC vest:

1: The vest just works. There were many times when everyone else in our group felt the heat and I did not. It didn’t feel cold, but I didn’t feel as hot. I don’t believe there is a better review I can give than ‘it just works’. It doesn’t feel cold after a few minutes, but I didn’t feel as hot either.

2: Recharge time of the packs when on ice was negligible. That really allowed them to be used again in short order. That was invaluable.

3: Your help has been superb. You made my decision while buying easy, and if all companies had PMs with your level of knowledge and customer service, life would be significantly easier.

Thank you for all the great help. I look forward to many years using the vest.

Paul Glidden