ProKure® V Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an EPA-registered (EPA Reg# 87508-3-89334), liquid disinfectant which can be used to kill bacteria, mold and viruses such as COVID-19. ProKure® ships dry in formula packets. Inside the formula packets are white pouches that are water activated to create ClO2 liquid that can be sprayed, wiped or mopped on all hard, non-porous surfaces. The liquid spray leaves no harmful residue and is suitable for trauma scene decontamination.




  • ProKure V is listed by the EPA to use against the SARS CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19 (when used on hard, non-porous surfaces and in accordance to the coronavirus directions on the label).
  • Kills bacteria, viruses*, and mold
  • Easy to use, apply to surface and allow to air dry. Application rates will vary; contact First Line Technology regarding dilutions and contact times or other specific applications like coverage ratios.
  • Keep unused formula in a closed or sealed container in a cool, dark location that is not subject to any sunlight. Record activation date onto the container. Use stored formula within 15 days of activation.
  • Agitate and allow one hour before use to ensure solution reaches full strength.
  • Made in the U.S.A.