The Army’s Other Enemy: Heat Stress

The Military Learns to Combat Deadly Heat Stress 

As temperatures riseincreasing numbers of soldiers are put at risk of enduring heat stress that can end their careers or even kill them. 

In a recent NBC News report by David Hasemyer of Inside Climate News, the U.S. Army is putting significant effort into understanding the causes of heat stress and treating soldiers that experience its effects. 

The video showcases how Fort Benning Georgia’s Emergency Room is developing new treatments for heat stress, as well as teaming with researchers to identify potential cases on an individual level before a serious health problem occurs. 

Research and treatment of heat stress is necessary, but an essential factor may be overlooked. 

Preventing heat stress is better than treating heat stress.

Recently, several Army bases, both in the United States and overseas are deploying a simple but highly effective heat stress prevention modality. Portable, durable basins of cold water such as the ICE System manufactured by First Line Technology are prepositioned along the route of march or at remote ranges where training occurs during hot weather. 

During training or operational cycles, soldiers immerse their forearms into the cold water and walk in place to circulate their blood. Their cooled blood flows throughout their bodies dropping their core temperature about 1.8F in 3 to 10 minutes. 

The ICE System can accommodate up to six individuals at a time. If a serious case of heat stress occurs, the ICE System can be used to fully immerse an individual up to six feet in height and the basin can hold up to 800 pounds. 

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