COVID-19 Forces California Nursing Home Evacuation

According to an article by Cheri Mossburg of CNN, the Magnolia Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Riverside, California was evacuated after the staff didn’t show up for work.

The nursing home had been hit hard by the coronavirus with at least 34 of 84 patients and five staff members testing positive.

This is not an isolated incident. On March 25, a nursing home in Englewood, New Jersey had to be completely evacuated. With the spread of COVID-19, it is likely that this scenario will be repeated many times.

A nursing home or hospital evacuation usually requires many ambulances and two or more EMTs to staff each. But most emergency medical service departments are already straining to handle the transport of Covid-19 patients on top of their regular medical transports.

One possible solution to this problem is to transport more patients in a single trip. With an AmbuBus Conversion Kit® from First Line Technology, any available school or metro bus can be converted into a multiple patient transport vehicle by two people in about two hours.

Depending on the configuration, an AmbuBus can transport between 12 and 24 patients in a single trip with only three EMTs. That same patient transfer would require up to 24 single passenger ambulances and 48 EMTs.

When a medical transport or evacuation calls for more patients than an ambulance but less than the number that would require an AmbuBus, the new AmbuBus Quick Response Transport (QRT)™ option is the right solution.

Originally designed for military or law enforcement tactical situations where having many ambulances on scene is not practical, a QRT can carry from three to six patients in a single trip. Only two EMTs would be needed to staff the vehicle.

Hospital Surge and Quarantine

The sturdy powder-coated structural steel frames of the AmbuBus can also be set up free-standing in a hospital corridor, cafeteria, or any shelter for additional patient beds, quarantine, or responder sleeping quarters when not needed for transport.

Mortuary Services

The AmbuBus and the QRT are valuable resources for transporting and storing deceased patients.

A freestanding AmbuBus frame can be set up in any refrigerated room, container or vehicle for temporary storage of bodies. The QRT can easily transport up to 6 bodies in a single trip. The QRT frame will easily fit into all 170″ wheelbase Sprinters and Ford Transit Vans 2.

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