11 Treated After Chemical Reaction Causes Problem at Plant in Montgomery, Alabama.

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A chemical reaction occurred in a production facility in Montgomery Alabama, causing the building to be evacuated. Montgomery Fire and Rescue treated 11 patients, with 3 being transported to local hospitals for conditions that are considered non-life-threatening.

Montgomery Fire and Rescue Special Ops (HazMat) processed the chemical situation.
Toxic industrial chemical (TICs) incidents are among the most frequent hazards encountered by HazMat teams. There are literally thousands of toxic industrial chemicals and materials used daily in manufacturing and processing facilities.

As a result, most HazMat teams have had to acquire, stock, and learn how to handle a wide variety of limited use decontamination solutions. However, two scientific breakthroughs are making it possible to significantly reduce the number of solutions used in HazMat operations.

The U.S. Navy developed Dahlgren Decon™, a truly effective broad-spectrum decontamination solution that chemically neutralizes or safely removes hundreds of know and emerging threats. These include most:

  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
  • Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs)
  •  Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs)
  • Pesticides
  • Synthetic Opioids and other drugs

FiberTect®, is a unique three-layer absorbent wipe which can remove bulk amounts of contaminants quickly and safely.

In a process known as Hybrid Decon™ HazMat operators first blot the contaminant with the FiberTect wipe, then spray the remaining substance with Dahlgren Decon and allow it to sit on the contaminated surface for the recommended dwell time. Finally, the operator removes the neutralized contaminant with a clean portion of the FiberTect wipe.

This Hybrid Decontamination™ process greatly reduces the number of solutions the HazMat team carries, the time required to mix and setup the decontamination solution as well as cleanup after the deployment.

Of course, no decontamination solution is effective against every known and emerging threat but First Line Technology, the manufacturers of both Dahlgren Decon and FiberTect makes it easy to determine if Dahlgren Decon™ will work on the identified threat.

An always available mobile and web-based app, the Decon Field Guide™ enables responders to quickly determine if Dahlgren Decon is effective against the identified contaminant, how to mix Dahlgren Decon and the recommended dwell time.

Because Hybrid Decon is such a new process, the First Line Utilization Academy™ offers both in-house Train-the-Trainer classes, and onsite HazMat team training.

For more information on Hybrid Decon, Dahlgren Decon, FiberTect, the Decon Field Guide, and the First Line Utilization Academy, click here.