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Mass Casualty Wildfires Could Overwhelm Hospitals and Medical Transport

As reported by Adam Rogers for Wired, the devastating California Camp Fire in 2018 was a wake-up call to emergency managers and public health professionals. The fire killed at least 85 people and destroyed the local Feather River Hospital. That reduced the available medical treatment facilities needed to treat patients and requiring the evacuation of […]

Baby Pod 20 included in NASEMSO database of Pediatric Transport Products for Ground Ambulances

The National Association of State Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Officials has just released the Pediatric Transport Products for Ground Ambulances, Version 2. The document is a resource for EMS providers to determine existing options for securing infants and children who are transported by ambulance. Over 1 million pediatric patients are transported by ambulances nationwide each […]

WATCH: Manatee County Florida Deploys an AmbuBus

See Manatee County EMS District Chief Jason Evans Present the Multi-Patient Transport Vehicle Manatee County Florida has deployed an AmbuBus Conversion Kit in a metro bus frame to serve as a multiple-patient transport vehicle. The bus can accommodate 17 passengers in a single trip.  In a recent television newscast, Manatee County EMS District Chief Jason Evans […]

Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods, or Wildfires? Which Will You Face?

2019 Could be a challenging year for emergency managers. If current conditions continue, 2019 may be one of the worst years for natural disasters in America.   From January through May, we have already seen 611 tornadoes that have caused at least 38 fatalities and left hundreds homeless. This figure includes a record 13 straight days with at least […]

Are Electrostatic Sprayers the Right Choice for Personnel Decon?

New EPA report evaluates the effectiveness of electrostatic sprayers The use of electrostatic sprayers has been a matter of serious debate across the HazMat community. However, with the release of a recent EPA report, the evidence is growing that electrostatic sprayers have significant operational and financial advantages. The report titled, “Evaluation of Electrostatic Sprayers for […]

Evacuation of At-Risk Population

Why are communities still struggling to evacuate at-risk citizens during an emergency?   In virtually every disaster, a disproportionate number of casualties are the elderly, disabled, or home-bound also referred to as socially vulnerable populations.  For example, in the Camp Fire incident in California most of the 86 people who died in the fire were senior citizens. Of the […]

Are You at Risk from Secondary Exposure to Fentanyl?

Are You at Risk from Secondary Exposure to Fentanyl? Simplified Fentanyl Response Saves Lives and Money INCIDENT: Officer Exposed During Fatal Overdose Response LOCATION: Wareham, Massachusetts RESPONDING DEPARTMENT: Onset Fire Department Fentanyl is changing the rules of the game for all first responders. There’s no such thing as an easy call anymore.  Chief Ray Goodwin of the Onset Fire Department in Wareham, Massachusetts can attest to that. A […]

Have You Ever Been Hit with Pepper Spray?

Have You Ever Been Hit with Pepper Spray? FiberTect Wipes Reduce the Pain Fast  THE INCIDENT: Removal of Pepper Spray LOCATION: Springdale, Arkansas RESPONDING DEPARTMENT: Springdale Fire Department Your eyes burn.  Your skin feels like it’s on fire.  It’s hard to breathe.  The effects are temporary but are painful enough to deter and stall an attacker.  If you’ve […]

Dahlgren Decon Awarded Federal Laboratory Consortium’s Excellence in Technology Transfer 2018 Award

Decontamination Product Neutralizes Fentanyl, Chemical, and Biological Agents Chantilly, Virginia April 25, 2018: First Line Technology congratulates its technology transfer partner, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) on winning the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for 2018. A research team at Dahlgren led by Chris Hodge developed the decontamination solution which […]