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11 Treated After Chemical Reaction Causes Problem at Plant in Montgomery, Alabama.

A chemical reaction occurred in a production facility in Montgomery Alabama, causing the building to be evacuated. Montgomery Fire and Rescue treated 11 patients, with 3 being transported to local hospitals for conditions that are considered non-life-threatening. Montgomery Fire and Rescue Special Ops (HazMat) processed the chemical situation. Toxic industrial chemical (TICs) incidents are among the most frequent […]

Drug Dealer Throws Fentanyl at Police

Alleged Drug Dealer Throws Loose Fentanyl Powder at Police An alleged drug dealer tossed a handful of deadly fentanyl powder at officers investigating a Bronx drug packaging mill. As originally reported by Rebecca Rosenburg in the New York Post, members of the New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force burst into an apartment with a […]

Is Evacuation of Vulnerable Citizens Our Achilles Heel?

California Post-Fire Audit Shares Important Lessons The recent devastating wildfires in California have created a greater awareness of the problem of evacuating vulnerable individuals during fast-changing disaster situations. A new report from the Auditor of the State of California examined some of the factors that hampered county and state emergency managers in evacuating access and functional needs individuals. […]

Recent Bus Crash Kills 4, Injures 30

Mass casualty incidents in rural areas pose unique challenges.  In September of 2019, a tour bus carrying 30 Chinese nationals traveling to Bryce Canyon National Park rolled over and crashed into a guard rail. Four people died and at least twelve other people with injuries that ranged from serious to critical. Mass casualty incidents caused by bus […]

Don’t Leave Victims Out in the Cold This Winter

Use an AmbuBus as an on-site shelter for victims and responders. 2:30a.m   -7⁰F  Smoke and flames begin to rise from a multi-story apartment building. The smoke alarms blare and the building’s sprinkler system begins to shower everyone and everything in it with cold water. Terrified tenants run outside into the freezing cold waiting for the fire department to […]

How Do You Clean the Lock Up?

First Line Technology Assists in Jail Cell Decontamination As fentanyl and other synthetic opioids continue to spread across the country, correctional facilities are discovering that prisoners are finding ways to hide or acquire these dangerous substances. Recently, Al Lee of First Line Technology (FLT) received a phone call from Lieutenant Scott Brosis of the Aurora, Illinois Police […]

Hurricane Dorian Challenges Us to Rethink Preparation and Response

Dorian’s winds take damage to a whole new level.  Hurricane Dorian smashed into the Bahamas with sustained winds of 185 mph and gusts of 220 mph.  In an article by Jim McKay on Government Technology’s Emergency Management website, Jared Moskowitz, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management was quoted as saying,  “Whatever the building code is in the state […]

Massive Fires in California Force 180,000 Evacuations

Hospitals evacuate patients as fire approaches. The ongoing series of wildfires in California continue to expand at a frightening pace. Driven by winds that often exceed 85 miles per hour, officials ordered evacuations in large areas of Sonoma County. As originally reported in The Mercury News, officials at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital and the Kaiser Permanente […]

Did You Know? There’s More to Dahlgren Decon than Just Peracetic Acid

Part A is 10,000x more effective than Dawn dish soap.   Peracetic Acid (PAA) is the main oxidizing agent in Dahlgren Decon that chemically neutralizes toxic chemicals and destroys biological agents and pathogens. But there is more chemistry behind the effectiveness of Dahlgren Decon than just PAA. In fact, Part A of Dahlgren Decon, also […]

Which Communities are the Most Evacuation Challenged?

New data can improve evacuation planning. In a recent article by Jim McKay on Government Technology’s Emergency Management website, a new study of traffic patterns in 100 communities identified several factors that have a major impact on evacuation constraint risk. StreetLight Data conducted the study which looked at 30,000 towns in the United States with populations […]

Six Prison Staffers Hospitalized for Possible Fentanyl Exposure in Connecticut

Incident highlights need for large-area fentanyl neutralization. In a recent article by Eric Levenson and Mirna Alsharif on CNN, six staff members at the Chesire Correctional Institute were taken to local hospitals for possible exposure to fentanyl. If fentanyl becomes aerosolized, it can be easily dispersed over an area by air circulated by fans or […]