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Lightweight Backboard-Compatible Patient Transport System

The AmbuCarrier is a wheeled patient transport device designed to rapidly attach to a backboard or the AmbuStretcher for the quick and easy transport of patients. The AmbuCarrier requires a single operator to lift and deploy for transport, and can support up to 350 lbs. (159 kg). The AmbuCarrier can be used for the whole duration of care: from first response, to triage, and even during transport to and while onboard the  Kit.

Uses:  Quick Mass Casualty Transport, Backboard and/or Stretcher-Bound Patients, Speedy Transport

Includes: Frame, Wheels (does not include backboard or stretcher)


  • Lightweight Frame (32 lbs. / 14.5 kg)
  • Weight Capacity of 350 lbs. / 159 kg
  • Single Operator Deployment / Transport
  • Adjustable Height
  • Clamp System for Quick Backboard Attachment
  • Fits Most Backboards 16” - 20”
  • Compactly Folds for Easy Storage
  • AmbuRamp, AmbuStretcher & AmbuBus Compatible

Additional Information

AmbuBus® Compatible
The AmbuCarrier’s lightweight design makes it easy for first responders to lift patients into the AmbuBus, where the AmbuCarrier can maneuverer through the stretcher frames directly to the patient’s designated stretcher.

AmbuRamp Compatible
When used with the AmbuRamp, the AmbuCarrier can be wheeled into any emergency trasnport vehicle like the AmbuBus, or an elevated transport station. The AmbuRamp provides a gradual incline for the AmbuCarrier, which minimizes lifting required by the operator(s) and helps reduce stress on first responders.

Adjustable Height
The AmbuCarrier frame adjusts in increments of 1 inch, for up to 4 inches of height adjustment. This allows for the AmbuCarrier to accomodate to the preferred comfort of the operator(s).

AmbuStretcher Compatible
The AmbuCarrier is compatible with most backboards (16” - 20”) as well as the AmbuStretcher, allowing patients to remain strapped in the AmbuStretcher when transferred by the AmbuCarrier to the AmbuBus, emergency transport vehicle, triage area, or medical facility.


Assembled (with axle and wheels)            37" (94 cm)         26" (66 cm)         28" - 32" (71 - 81 cm)     32 lbs. (14.5 kg)    
Folded for Storage (no axle or wheels) 37" (94 cm) 25" (64 cm) 10" (25 cm) 20 lbs. (9 kg)

Product Information

AmbuCarrier 14W
14" x 2" non-puncture wheels
AmbuCarrier 20W
20" x 2" non-puncture wheels