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Multiple Patient Monitoring System (MPMS)
A Portable Solution for Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring

The Multiple Patient Monitoring System (MPMS), only available from First Line Technology, is a portable, easy-to-use, -compatible vital signs monitoring system. The MPMS uses Wireless Vital Signs Monitors® (WVSM®) that are U.S. FDA cleared for use outside of hospital settings. The full MPMS includes one main pouch, an integrated power strip, three zip-on compartments filled with 12 WVSMs and enough padding to keep the technical components safe. The MPMS integrates simply and easily with a variety of laptop and tablet computers.

Uses: Emergency Medical Transport, Mass Casualty Transport, Hospital Evacuation, Large Scale Events, Surge Capacity Monitoring, Point of Injury Monitoring, Rehab Monitoring

Includes: Main Pouch, WVSMs, Integrated Power Strip, Preloaded Software on USB

Use your MPMS with the GoTo Stand.

Multiple Patient Monitoring System (MPMS)

Multiple Patient Monitoring System (MPMS):
  • Monitors 12 Patients Through WiFi
  • Easily Transportable & Field-Configurable
  • Pre-Wired to Recharge Multiple WVSMs
  • Tent and Vehicle Mountable
  • WVSM Cleared For Use By the U.S. FDA
  • Snap-On Tablet Pouch (optional)
  • USB Software
  • Floor Stand (optional)
Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring (WVSM):
  • Cleared for use by the U.S. FDA
  • Wirelessly Streams Patient Data
  • Attaches to Standard Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Displays Vital Signs Trends
  • Multiple Patients Connect to One Display
  • Trending for up to 20 Patients
  • Captures up to 4.5 Hours of Patient Data
  • Color Coding Parameters

Multiple Patient Monitoring System (MPMS)
Additional Information

Storage & Expandability
The MPMS has optional zip-on compartments to extend the system in sets of three WVSM. Each zip-on compartment includes three separate pouches, each which contains one WVSM and all the accessories. Each pouch features a clear window for access to the monitor, an easily visible labeling area for patient ID, a Velcro® strap for the blood pressure cuff, and individual storage pockets for the included ECG leads, and pulse oximeter. A single Multiple Patient Monitoring System can hold up to 12 WVSMs by using the main pouch and attaching three additional zip-on compartments. When all 12 units are in storage, a zip-on protective pad will keep all technical components safe during transport.

Plug-and-Go Capability
The MPMS features a main power strip that charges the entire system when plugged into a standard outlet. The main power strip invisibly connects a WVSM power cord to each individual pouch for charging. The Multiple Patient Monitoring System can recharge when rolled for storage or unrolled.

Wireless technology, like the WVSM, enables reliable monitoring of many patients at the point of injury, during transport, or in surge capacity and provides a way for information to reach healthcare personnel faster; the faster a patient’s vital signs are accurately obtained the better the outcome. When paired with the AmbuBus® and the MPMS, the WVSM can create a mobile medical facility that will treat up to 20 patients during evacuation, on the go, or in case of mass casualties. The WVSM is mobile, affordable, intuitive, and works with today’s wireless technologies. From point of injury through patient transport and into advanced care, the WVSM transmits patient data, monitoring non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse oximetry (SpO2) and three lead electrocardiogram (ECG).

The WVSM’s wireless monitors are connected to the patient at the point of injury or during transport and provide seamless acquisition and transmission of data throughout transport and treatment. Multiple patients sync simultaneously to a mobile computer and alert the responder to changing patient vital signs trends. The software used by the WVSM can be used wirelessly with any mobile computer equipped with Windows XP and WiFi and is capable of capturing up to 4.5 hours of patient data on the device itself and trending for up to 20 patients.

The WVSM is a small, rugged, highly mobile monitor that can be easily transported to remote locations. It attaches onto the patient’s blood pressure cuff, runs automatically, and wirelessly transmits ECG, SpO2, and blood pressure data to compatible mobile computers running device software. WVSMs are full feature, displaying patient data trends, while color coding parameters and summary indices.

Wireless Vital Signs Monitor (WVSM)
Technical Information

ECG 3 lead (Lead II)
NIBP Systolic 40-260 mmHg
Diastolic 20-200 mmHG
SpO2 Ranges 0-100% Saturation
Nonin Figerclip
Communications                      802.11 b/g WiFi
Alarms Upper/Lower Parameter Limits
Color Coded Numbers
Software Windows XP [Contact First Line for Current Compatibility List]
Time 4.5 Hours of Patient Data and Trending
Patient Capacity Up to 20 Simultaneous Monitors
Manual Inputs Glasgow Coma Score, Temperature, Respiratory Rate

MPMS (Multiple Patient Monitoring System) with WVSM

No-Notice [Permanent]
Apermanently installed AmbuBus Kit that allows a mass transit vehicle to be converted into a turnkey mass casualty transport system for earthquakes and other no-notice disasters.

  • Less expensive than Ambulance Buses
  • Reconfigurable in the Field
  • Transferable in Case of Vehicle Malfunction
  • AmbuBus No-Notice Kit Cabailities:
    -- Firefighter Rehab
    -- Prophylaxis Distribution
    -- Mass Casualty Evacuation/Transport


On-Demand (Temporary)
A temporarily installed AmbuBus Kit that allows for the use of an everyday vehicle to be converted on-demand into a mass casualty transport system for hurricanes and other disasters.

  • Return Vehicle to Daily Use Without Recertification
  • Disassemble and Store for Future Disasters
  • Low Cost to Maintain
  • AmbuBus On-Demand Kit Cabailities:
    -- Hospital Evacuation
    -- Mortuary Affairs
    -- Special Needs Transport


Surge (Free-Standing)
A free-standing, temporarily installed AmbuBus Kit that enables efficient use of limited floor space during staging and sheltering operations.

  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Set Up Inside Any Shelter of Opportunity (Tents, Schools, Hangars)
  • AmbuBus Surge Kit Cababilities:
    -- Staging of Aeromedical Evacuation
    -- Sleeping Quarters
    -- Pandemic Quarantine
    -- Hospital Surge Capacity

Multiple Patient Monitoring System (MPMS)
Product Information

MPMS 3 (with 3 WVSM Kits) GTX-500-MPMS-03
MPMS 6  (with 6 WVSM Kits) GTX-500-MPMS-06
MPMS 9  (with 9 WVSM Kits) GTX-500-MPMS-09
MPMS 12  (with 12 WVSM Kits) GTX-500-MPMS-12
WVSM Kit GTX-500-0001-01
GoTo Stand 65-02-001
*Each WVSM kit includes 1 WVSM device, 1 Orbit BP Cuff (Adult Plus), 1 SpO2 Fingerclip (non-reusable), 1 ECG Leads Set (Red, Black, White), 3 ECG Electrode Packages (3 Sensors/Pkg.), Software Installation CD with PDF Operator and Service Manuals, Medical Grade Power Cord, and Battery Charger.