• Encapsulates & Binds Contaminants
  • High Decontamination Factors
  • Versatile, Simple Decontamination
  • Reduces Manpower by up to 70%
  • Reduces Waste by up to 90%
  • Minimizes Workforce Exposure
  • Minimizes Contaminated Waste Material

  • Zero Preparation & Easy Application
  • Non-Corrosive & Non-Flammable
  • Water Soluble & Bio-Degradable
  • Various Waste Disposal Approvals
  • No Residue or By-Product
  • Odorless & Safe to Use & Handle
  • Decon for Critical Infrastructure

Versatile & Easy to Use

Drying Time

Minimized Waste Generation


Recommended Uses

How long does it take the gel to dry?

How thick should I apply it?

Since the gel is water soluble, what happens if it rains?

Why is the gel blue?

How do you apply it?

Is it ready-to-use as is?

Can I use it on carpet?

Will it stain my surface?

Does it have an odor?

Is it hazardous?

Will it irritate my skin?

Is it easy to peel?

Can it be shipped via air?

What quantities/package sizes does it come in?

What kind of sprayer can I use?

What size spray tip should I use?

Are there any special tools I should use for easier application?

Can I speed up the dry time?

What if I applied it and now it’s too thin to peel?

What is the shelf life?

What happens if it freezes?

Can I apply it in freezing temperatures?

How do I dispose of it?

What is the square foot coverage?

FORMULATION PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ID Bottle (1 Liter) ITEM ID Pail (5.25 Gallons) Tote (255 Gallons)
1102 – Brush On Optimized for oil and grease decontamination (crude oil, diesel, PCBs, etc.). Applied with brush or towel. DGL-1102-001 DGL-1102-020 DGL-1102-965
1108 – Brush On For extremely heavy nuclear and toxic industrial chemical and material decontamination. DGL-1108-001 DGL-1108-020 DGL-1108-965
1120 – Spray On Formulated and optimized for hand-held light duty sprayers and hard, smooth surfaces like glass, steel, polished stone, and other smooth, hard substrates. Used for nuclear and chemical decontamination. DGL-1120-001 DGL-1120-020 DGL-1120-965
1128 – Spray On Formulated for extremely heavy duty industrial sprayers for horizontal and vertical hard, porous and non-porous surfaces like concrete, pavement, wood, glass, steel, stone, and other hard substrates. Used for heavy nuclear and chemical decontamination. DGL-1128-001 DGL-1128-020 DGL-1128-965

Decon with FiberTect – Animated Video

DeconGel Instructional Video for Decontamination of Radiological and Chemical Threats