PhaseCore for MS

PhaseCore understands that individuals with Multiple Sclerosis can have exacerbated symptoms when temperatures get too warm. As outdoor temperatures or the patient’s internal temperature rise, the symptoms of MS can become significantly worse. The gentle cooling effect of the PhaseCore cooling vests keeps the body’s core temperature under control for upto 4 hours and helps reduce heat related stress and illnesses. Enjoy and participate in your favorite activities with PhaseCore cooling vests which were designed to be lightweight and comfortable.

Looking for a cooling vest that best fits your needs? Stay comfortable and active while staying cool with these recommended vests:

Standard Cooling Vests have an over the shoulder design, are flexible and easy to move in. The breathable mesh fabric allows body heat to escape and increases the effectiveness of the PhaseCore elements. Best of all, this vest comes in black or white and can be easily concealed underneath clothing.

XPC Cooling Vests offers full coverage cooling while still being flexible. Easily adjust the vest for the best fir with zip-in extenders. The 3D AirMesh fabric will improve cooling capability, as it allows body heat to escape while still holding the PhaseCore elements close to the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Vest Should I Choose?

The number one PhaseCore Vest used by MS patients is the Standard Basic Cooling Vest. However, the best vest for you depends on how you will be using the vest. The Standard Basic Cooling Vest is the most versatile cooling vest, containing 16 PhaseCore Elements and is one-size-fits-most to be worn by a person of any shape or size (an XS Standard Basic Vest is now available for people weighing under 110 lbs.). The Basic is best suitable for use over clothing, and is comfortable when both active and sedentary. If you plan to wear the vest underneath an outer layer of clothing, the Standard Mesh (now available in white!) may be a better option as it is slightly lighter and made of a more breathable fabric. The SWEDE style vest (available in Basic or Mesh) has a larger cooling area with 22 PhaseCore Elements. SWEDE style vests are of a longer fit, covering the hips of most users and making it slightly less comfortable to sit for extended periods while using the vest. XPC Cooling Vests are the best solution to reduce and combat heat stress and are also available in both black or white.

Is PhaseCore Covered By My Insurance?

PhaseCore is not currently considered a medical device and therefore insurance companies will not work directly with First Line Technology for reimbursement. Though it is not common, we encourage you to contact your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you for a vest that is prescribed for you.

What Do I Wear Under/Over My PhaseCore Cooling Vest?

When wearing a Basic, you can wear a light cotton or breathable shirt on top to conceal the vest. When wearing a Mesh, a non-breathable (like a polyester or nylon blend) shirt should be worn to keep the vest insulated, which allows the elements to absorb the wearer’s body heat (and not the heat from the surrounding environment). The Standard style vests tend to fit closer to the body and are easier to conceal under clothing. Whereas the SWEDE Vests are longer and extend over the hips of most users, allowing for less mobility.

Will I Sweat in My PhaseCore Cooling Vest?

Yes; and you should! Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself down (and the vest is 100% machine washable!).

How Much Does PhaseCore Weigh?

PhaseCore Vests are some of the lightest on the market. Each vest is slightly different in weight, but range from 3.6 lbs. (Standard Mesh) to 5 lbs. (SWEDE Basic).

How Long Does PhaseCore Last?

PhaseCore Vests last from 3-4 hours per use and can last upwards of 1,000 uses!

What If It Doesn’t Work?

We are confident that PhaseCore is the safest, most effective cooling method out there. However, if you feel like it isn’t right for you, we will gladly accept returns or exchanges of unworn vests within 30 days of purchase.

Can I Wear My Vest Through Airport Security?

PhaseCore recommends putting your cooling vest through the x-ray screening device, as you would with your carry-on items. Once the vest clears TSA security, you may then put it on and wear it through the duration of your travel.

Steven Pazan

Product Manager

Phone: 703-955-7510

*Disclaimer: Are you using a PhaseCore cooling vest with a medical condition? Please note, First Line Technology does not provide medical advice or professional medical services. The information provided in our promotional materials and on our website are exclusively focused towards providing a comfort solution for the end users. This information should not be used for diagnosis or treatment for a health problem, disease, and/or medical condition. Please have a conversation with your physician about cooling vests.